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Very very pretty friends only banner made by [ profile] rhymeswithway because she loves me.

You know the deal, folks. Friends only, comment to be added. All fics etc will be left open, so please do not add me if it's my writing you're interested in, because remember, personal journal.

I don't add you if I don't know you, speak up, get to know me, then I'll add you back. Over and out.
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Hello Music Mondayers, and welcome to the second edition of Music Monday, on this fine wednesday evening. It's been a while since I did a MM, but that's 'cause I've had ninety nine problems and four of them were catering. But nonetheless, I'll carry on and try to do this more often from now on. I've also decided to put a slightly more personal spin on this, so that it doesn't feel like you're reading what a robot has written.

On with the goods! )
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HAPPY FIRST MUSIC MONDAY EVERYBODY. I should have a theme tune. Okay, let's get on with the ~show.

Cold War Kids are an American indie rock band from Fullerton, California. )
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Ryan Ross under the cut, but it's really not good news. Click at your own... risk? I don't know. It's not nice.

Coke? Really? )
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Spencer Smith picspam over here! Can't actually put it up over here because the html screws up and hates me, but yeah, go take a look! Worked for a week on that thing and the damn html goes and breaks over here. But it's pretty rad, some dl links, some of all of Panic, have fuuuun.

Peace and out!
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So this is mah Spencer Smith picspam, that I've been putting off forever. And Caro even drew me a pretty little sketch of him that you'll see later in the spam (he is mah mascot and mah mascot he will be) BUT she also told me that I had to comment on EVERY SINGLE PICTURE for her lulz. So, you know, blame her.

Spencer; he wannnts you to look at it. )
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Title: My Friends Like Electric
Author: [ profile] monvenin
Pairing: Gerard/Frank/Mikey
Rating: NC-17
POV: Frank's.
Summary: Frank's crappy day gets a hell of a lot better when he gets to his hotel room.
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue.
Wordcount: 3133
Beta: [profile] poster_glomper
Warnings: Sex, kink, incest, bad language.

My Friends Like Electric )
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Okay [ profile] panictowel  , I hope you're watching. This is the other thing that I'm not even sure I like anymore. I didn't properly complete it as a prologue because I originally planned for it to be a oneshot, except when I worked on it last I don't think it went the way I wanted to and it just melted into fluff like snow in the sun. I wanted it to be serious, showing thier whole relationship, ups and downs, some of the flashbacks were going to be arguements, keen memories, breif break ups and then the big finish where they go thier seperate ways and Bert writes shitloads of 'fuckyou! choke-and-die' songs, i.e. Pretty Handsome Awkward and Gerard writes memories of them having what he called back then a good time, i.e. The Sharpest Lives. D'you get where I'm going with this? So be prepared for this to change/be improved/deleted/left to rot. Here we go, (working title from The Begining is The End is The Begining... I think, it's a long long title so forgive me for getting it wrong if I did, and by The Smashing Pumpkins, but remixed if I heard rightly.) Recoil And Grace. Oh, plus, it's got all the tags 'cause I wanted to finish it and then post it to mychemicalslash to see what that lot thought.

Recoil and Grace, take one. )
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Deep in the mid-west, further than a sensible tourist would be willing to go, lay a small town... )
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Title: An Eight Out of Ten
Author: [ profile] monvenin
: Frank/Bob
Rating: NC-17
POV: Third person
Summary: Frank and Bob meet in the sweaty, pulsing mass of people at the club.
Disclaimer: I don't know them, this is purely a work of fiction.
Wordcount: 1593 words.
Warnings: Sex, facials, swearing.

An Eight Out of Ten )

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