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Title: My Friends Like Electric
Author: [ profile] monvenin
Pairing: Gerard/Frank/Mikey
Rating: NC-17
POV: Frank's.
Summary: Frank's crappy day gets a hell of a lot better when he gets to his hotel room.
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue.
Wordcount: 3133
Beta: [profile] poster_glomper
Warnings: Sex, kink, incest, bad language.

I strode into the hotel; I’d had a shitty day. I’d tried and failed at going for a nice trip to the mall, but instead I was mobbed. All I wanted was to get the new Stephen King book and as I walk past the comics and graphic novels, first there’s me striding along, bam, next there’s me in a crowd packed so fucking tight together that, yes, maybe my music did save your life but you’re taking mine a-fucking-way. I have bruises damn it. I got into the elevator, alone, thank God and pressed the button for the 7th floor. I needed to get this out of my head.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him, the way his skin would feel under mine, how tight he’d be while I was fucking him senseless, the way his face would contort when I brushed against his sweet spot. I pulled the key out of my pocket, but as I was about to push it into the lock, I heard noises…

“Fuck Gee…” A low giggle, “Mmm… Oh fuck, bite me baby.” I heard another voice, but couldn’t move as I made out the name it was calling,

“Oh God, Mikey… F-Fu… Yeah, like that.” Gerard and Mikey?! God this was fucking wrong, and why in my room? I heard voices moaning more and couldn’t stop my dick from twitching in my pants. I shakily pushed the key into the lock and felt like time had stopped. They literally had stopped breathing; I could see it as I pushed the door open but, fuck, what a sight?

Mikey and Gerard 69-ing, tangled in sheets and sweaty, I couldn’t help but feel my breaths become shallow and my pants tighter,

“W… Well?” spoke up the younger of the Ways, the one who’s touch I craved, “You gonna fuckin’ stand there or join in? he asked breathlessly, eying me up and settling his gaze on the tent in my pants,

“I… I. I have an idea.” I ran into the bathroom, I’d left my suitcase there while deciding what to wear this morning as my bathroom was the only room with a mirror. I literally ripped the zipper around and dug my hands through the layers of clothing, until I felt a fuzzy, slightly lumpy bag. I pulled it out and took off my jacket and shirt, after all, why would I need them?

Returning back to the room I pulled the bag open, revealing what I had planned if I ever did get my hands on either of the Way brothers. Sure, I craved Mikey, but Gerard was my guilty pleasure, and with him being a two-cent whore I couldn’t resist.

I took the item I wanted out of the bag and dropped the rest to the floor.

“Wh-what the fuck is that?” Stuttered the older of the two, as Mikey had returned to sucking him.

“Lets just see.” I stalked over to Mikey’s exposed back, flicking a tiny switch on the bottom of the item. I touched the tip of one of the prongs, and a light shock travelled through the callused tip of my finger, I grinned. He’d love it.

I positioned it at the top of his back, it not touching the deliciously pale skin just yet. I lowered it slightly and raked it down his back, watching his face contort and a loud moan travel down Gerard’s cock, but I didn’t hear him complaining.

He pulled off of Gee, “F-fuck, do that again Frankie.” I smirked, dragging the electrical fork across his ass, watching him wince and his eyes roll back in his head. He always was a confusing boy.

After a few more rakes I grew tired of my pants, discarding them on the floor and handing Gerard my second favourite sex toy. I walked around the bed, straddling Gerard’s waist as any further down I’d have been in Mikey’s way.

He was moaning like a slut as I shuffled up to sit on his already rapidly moving chest, my rock hard erection edging closer to his lips by the second.

“S-sugar, Yo-ou should have told me you w-were this big, I’d have d-done this s-s-sooner.” He muttered, looking at my dick with a fiery lust burning behind his eyes. Without warning he wrapped his lips around my head, his moans travelling through his tongue and creating the most wonderful vibrations up and down my body.

At the same time I felt a skinny hand trace up and down my back before a spit-lubricated finger pushed into my entrance. He searched around and within seconds was making me see stars, pushing against my spot.

“Honey, you gotta stop, I’m gonna come!” I felt the lips pull off of me and fingers pull out as I was invaded with emptiness.

“So, is that it?” I asked naïvely. A head popped up on my shoulder kissing a line across it,

“Baby,” he breathed, exchanging a seductive look with his brother, “this is only just beginning…”

I turned and smirked at him over my shoulder, watching his line of butterfly kisses begin to fall down my back. Gerard was panting and letting his breathing return to normal while examining my body up and down, tracing invisible lines over my tattoos and fucking me with his eyes. I felt Mikey smile against my back.

"So..." He rested his head on my shoulder. "You got any more toys up your sleeve?" I turned towards him, hearing Gerard grunt as my entire body deflated his already tar riddled lungs. I looked down at him over the shoulder not occupied by Mikey,

"You want me to move?" I heard his breathing, it was heavier than before.

"N-no... Stay there." Kinky bastard, a masochist just like his brother. I looked back at him, seeing his eyes sparkle and cloud with pure excitement.

"Well... I'll see what I can do." I smiled to myself and lifted off of the brothers, making my way over to the bag and thinking that it'd be better if I just left it next to the bed. After all, this wouldn't be the last time I would need it.

I dipped my hand into the bag, retrieving exactly what I wanted, feeling the leather slither through my fingers as I held it loosely. The strap was slightly worn from use, the red of the ball in the middle faded with bite mark indents in it. I strode back to the bed, item and bag in hand.

"Lean up Gee." He looked away from Mikey's smooth, pale chest and down to what I had retrieved from the bag,

"Ball gags?" he said, his eyes glued to the black and red draping loosely across my open palm. He leaned his head forward and I pushed the rubber ball into his mouth, pulling the straps through the small buckle at the back and pushing it through the hole.

"Is that tight enough?" I knew he couldn't reply, I just loved watching him squirm. His answer was something along the lines of, 'Mmmph, dophh nghh tignhh.' but seeing as I couldn't really figure out what it was I just turned to look at Mikey. He was intensely watching his brother wriggle and moan as he had taken the opportunity the start working his hand up and down Gerard's shaft.

"You look so pretty like that." He said, admiring his sibling, "We should have tried things like this earlier."

"Well," I let my mind wander into unknown realms of what I could do to Mikey. It wasn't like I hadn't thought about it before, it's just that when you're sitting on a bed with a naked Mikey Way in front of you your mind kinda goes blank. I stood up from the bed and started putting my clothes on, a idea rattling around in my head.

"What are you doing?" said Mikey, tearing his gaze away from his brother.

"I've got an idea, Mikes. Go get that chair that’s just outside the door." He looked puzzled but pulled his pants on and retrieved the chair none the less. Gerard meanwhile laid on the bed, observing the two half naked boys walking around in front of him.

I decided it was best to keep the excitement level at high and only whisper to Mikey what we were gonna do to Gerard instead of saying it out loud and ruining the surprise. I pulled Mikey over and told him my plan, he smirked and whispered, "What are we gonna use for rope?", I thought hard, then realized there were five or six neck ties in my suitcase and sent Mikey to retrieve them.

I told Gee to get dressed again and sit on the chair. I picked up the bag again and pulled out my favorite toy of them all, easily seen by the strips of scars across my back. What can I say, a guy can get lonely and with my little bag of sex toys and a vivid imagination I could have hours of fun.

Mikey came back with 6 neck ties in hand, passing me three to tie Gerard's hands behind the back of the chair and keeping three to tie his feet together. Once Gee saw all the ties I saw him tug at his lips, trying to smile. But because of the gag's medium-large ball that was locked behind his teeth and strapped across his cheeks facial expressions were barely possible. I wrapped the tie around his wrists and pulled it tight, hearing a soft moan at the burn.

I finished the tying and stood up to admire my work, walking around to join Mikey and see the front of the immobile Gerard.

"This," I held up what I had most recently gotten from the bag, "Is a cat o' nine tales whip" I cracked it in the air. "And if you're going to be a very bad boy, then I'm going to have to use it on you. Understood?" He didn't respond, but that was nothing a slap couldn't help. "Understood?" He moaned at the stinging pain and nodded his head.

I grabbed Mikey's hand, this was my chance to do all the things I've always wanted to do to him. "I think we should tease him until he begs for us to fuck him," I whispered into his ear, licking a line down onto his neck and nipping at the tender flesh there.

"This, Gerard," I paused and kissed Mikey hard on the lips, leaving my hands to roam all over his bare chest, “is called 'teasing'." I let my hand drift lower to begin to rub on the inside of his thighs."And it'll take a lot of muffled begging to get it to stop."

I slid my hand across the skinny boy’s hairless chest, drinking up the view as I let my eyes drift lower. His milky white skin was interrupted by a thin trail of hair leading down from his navel to much more exciting places, but they were for later. Right now I needed to have Gerard coming in his pants without a spare hand to touch himself with.

Mikey tilted my chin upwards and brought me into a lust filled kiss. I suddenly snapped back into character and pushed him hard to lie down on the bed, the crisp white sheets rippled and stained from heat and illegal passion. I let my hand instinctively travel up to his hair and tug him away from my lips, allowing me access to his collarbone. I sank my teeth in the jagged bone and heard a loud gasp from above and a frustrated moan from behind me, Gerard was getting antsy already, shuffling in his seat, and trying desperately to find something in reach to rub his painfully hard erection against.

Meanwhile I’d moved down my newfound paramour’s chest to tease his rosebud nipples, twisting them to earn a small moan from the man below me. I kissed my way down to his left hip, deciding it would be the perfect place for me to mark him. I sucked hard and bit around the area, leaving my mark. As I finished and admired my work, the man I had inflicted a love bite upon was having other ideas about the pink-red mark currently upon his hip. As he glanced down his eyes widened at it.

“You marked me? Why the fuck, Frankie?! I’m seeing Alicia in two days and you had to fucking mark me.” I stared up at his eyes, angled now so his furrowed brow was hiding them.

“What did you say to me?” He looked up into my now cold eyes and lost his anger.
“I- I- I mean, its s- sort of... Um, well, uh, inconvenient.” He lowered his head, not sad, but turned on thinking about his new punishment. As I saw a smirk curl around his light pink lips I decided to teach him who was the boss here.

“When did you start thinking you could talk to me like that and get away with it?” I lifted his chin, “And wipe the smirk off of your face, you fucking whore.” He tugged at his lips to stay straight but the glint in his eye was still there.

“I don’t know what I was thinking talking to you like that, Frankie.” I swiftly slapped him.

“Master. I am your master.” I felt his stomach clench and a small groan erupt from the back of his throat.

“Yes, Master, of course.” His breathing quickened and I heard a full blown moan from behind me. I turned to see Gerard had pulled a hand from one of his restraints and was rubbing his crotch with his head thrown little enough to watch the situation in front of him.

“Where is the whip?” Mikey reached beside him to pass me the earlier abandoned whip.

“Did I not tell you being a bad, bad boy had consequences?” I said loudly, almost shouting, at the man I was now stalking towards, “You’re a slut, just like your brother.” He moaned in response, “And do you know what happens to sluts?” He shook his head frantically. Once he had stopped his wordless reply I bent down to his ear, so close he could feel my hot breath tickling him.

“Sluts, Gerard. They get fucked.” He moaned and lifted his hand to point at his mouth, asking to talk. I lifted my hand to unclasp the gag, pulling it out roughly and tossing it aside.

“I will be your slut, Master.” I closed my eyes slightly, letting his hot, fast pants cool down my burning, friction craving skin.

“Untie him.” I ordered, watching as the younger brother freed the older from the ties. Moments later, I had pulled him from the seat and pushed him violently onto the bed.

“Turn over, remove all of your clothing.” I twisted the whip in my hand, excitedly awaiting the crack and moan ahead.

Not a minute later, he was lying on the bed, pale white skin exposed and ass ready for the taking. But that wouldn’t be for now; after all, he’s been a very bad boy. I dragged my glance from the black haired boy upwards, past his defined shoulder blades, up to his black mop of hair, which was currently moving. I carried on upwards finding the younger brother taking advantage of the elder’s position, slowly watching his brother sucking on the head of his leaking cock. I flicked my wrist and cracked the leather whip across the pale canvas that was his back, hearing him groan amongst the other beautiful noises to be heard spilling from the third party.

“Do you like me punishing you, huh, slut?” I heard a wet pop as he pulled away from sucking to confirm how much of a hussy he really was. Cracking my whip again, I saw the lines that were once just pink marks bleed through to red.

“Jesus fucking Christ, p- please Master, harder.” I cracked it again and heard a loud moan, muffled around his brother’s dick.

“Stop!” Just as I ordered, he pulled away from the other man and promptly awaited orders, “You won’t just be my harlot any more, both of us will fuck you, you got that?” A loud gulp was followed by,

“Yes, Master.” He shuffled up the younger man, positioning his hole above the other’s dick. I quickly licked three of my fingers and pressed one to the side of Mikey’s cock. I felt Gerard plunge down and gasp as he felt the extra finger, moaning as he began to ride his brother. In between his thrusts I pushed two, then three fingers into his already full entrance, preparing him for me to join. As the pace begun to get faster I ordered them to slow down as I pushed into him.

“Hun, oh fuck...” I slid in with some force and began to thrust, seeing stars from the amazing warmth around me.

“J- Jesus.” piped up Mikey, slowly beginning to thrust in time with me. I breathed heavily and began placing sloppy kisses on Gerard’s wounds.

“Tell... Tell him how fucking good it feels,” I commanded Gerard, who didn’t respond. I slapped his ass hard and heard his moan even louder than before, “Didn’t you fucking hear me, you cheap whore? Do as I say.” I heard him breathe faster and pant out a messy sentence,

“It’s oh, oh God, it’s so fucking good. Fu-fuck, harder.” I grabbed his hair and thrusted with every ounce of energy I had left in me. As we were all being pushed closer to the edge with every thrust the moans got louder and the headboard began hitting the wall.

“Oh, fucking God. R-right there.”

“Oh fuck, gonna... Gonna come in you, y- you dirty whore.”

“Oh, Jesus... Fucking...”

Gerard threw back his head and spilled his load all over Mikey’s chest with a strangled moan, clenching his muscles and sending me over the edge, screaming his name. Messily thrusting deep inside his brother Mikey tensed and came with a shudder and a throaty moan.

We collapsed into a tired heap, trying to regain our breath and looking around for some clothes to put on.

“G-guys?” Mikey asked, breathlessly, getting small ‘Mm?’ sounds in reply. “I love you.” A grunt of response from a very sore Gerard. As the bed cover was over us, sleep encroached, the last breathed words of the night slipped out.

“I love you too.”


Thanks for reading, comments are awesome.


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