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Title: An Eight Out of Ten
Author: [ profile] monvenin
: Frank/Bob
Rating: NC-17
POV: Third person
Summary: Frank and Bob meet in the sweaty, pulsing mass of people at the club.
Disclaimer: I don't know them, this is purely a work of fiction.
Wordcount: 1593 words.
Warnings: Sex, facials, swearing.

Music pumped out of the speakers of the darkened club. It was busy, full of bodies writhing against each other full of lust, want and need. Frank Iero was just another body dancing to the music, licking and biting at the neck of the boy in front of him. He hadn't learned his name, he recalls that it was 'something like Rob' but isn't sure. He's not here to find love and neither is the man he's furiously grinding into, who's name is in fact, Bob. They've never met before this, and will most probably have their last encounter when Frank gathers up his clothes, takes a long look at the man he was with, and then decides that there's no need to stay for breakfast, or even until Bob has woken up.

But now this isn't what Frank's thinking about, it's more the fact that Bob has pulled away from the kiss and started to lick, nip and full on bite at his neck. Closing his eyes, he throws his head back and moans at the harder bites Bob is giving him. 'This guy isn't the most attractive thing in the room', He decides, 'but Jesus if he's not fucking me into my mattress in the next half an hour...'. He knows what he's thinking is irrational, not because he thinks that the man he's been calling 'Rob' in his head for the past twenty minutes but has now remembered is called 'Bob' won't have sex with him, it's because his apartment is forty-five minutes away. He hopes that Bob lives close, but to hell with it if he doesn't because they're not getting married, they're having a dirty, cheap, fuck, which will now most probably be in the men's bathrooms by the way that Bob has began to lead him.

Attached by a loose grip on the others hand, Bob pulls Frank through the sweaty mess of people, into the empty males bathrooms. He wonders why they're empty, but it really doesn't matter to him once Frank's lips are on his again. He pulls back, just for a second, to lean past the disheveled person before him and twist a latch on the door, giving them the whole bathroom and all of the cubicles to decide where to fuck in. Their lips attach again in a hot clash of teeth and tongue, Bob's hands finding their way to push underneath Frank's shirt. They pull apart for a second with a slick pop lips so that Frank can pull his, and then Bob's top off.

He pushes Frank hard up against the wall, spinning him a second before so he's face into it. Frank moans at the force, wanting to be pushed around more like this. Bob grinds his erection into the cleft of Frank's ass and hears him moan lightly, trying to desperately seek some friction on the wall. "You like that, huh, whore?" Frank's eyes almost want to roll back in his head, finally someone who's dominant in this place.

"Yeah, yeah. Oh, God. I don't know if I can- oh, handle it any more. Plea- Jesus fucking, please, fuck me?" Bob loves hearing him beg, especially after remembering the cocky little bastard he'd been when approached at the bar, "So are we gonna fuck around with pleasantries or are you going to kiss me already?". He ground down into Frank one last time and then span him around 180 degrees so he could look at him. His pupils were dilated and he had a want behind his eyes, his lips swollen, slick with spit and candy pink from kissing. He looked at him through dark lashes, he was gorgeous and Bob couldn't hold out much longer without pinning him to the wall and fucking him until the whole world turned white.

Lifting his fingers up to Frank's lips, Bob commanded, "Suck, slut.". He watched as Frank licked the tips of his fingers, and slowly let them slide in until his lips hit Bob's knuckles. Twirling his tongue and never losing eye contact, Frank was driving Bob crazy with desire. Meanwhile, Bob was trying to undo Frank's jeans without looking, and making it even more difficult was that he only had one hand to do it with. He eventually got the button and zipper out of the way, pulling Frank's boxers down and just enough to use the fingers that Frank had helpfully lubricated to finger him with. Frank slid off his jeans and boxers, abandoning them in a corner while he pulled himself up onto the surface next to the sink, leaning back on his elbows and separating his legs. Bob had lost his pants too leaving them both fully naked to fuck. Bob stood in front of Frank, then rested one hand on his hip and the other sliding between his legs and pushing one finger into him, receiving a small 'mmm' from Frank. Pushing and pulling his finger out, he added another to which Frank moaned and told Bob to hurry up. Pressing a third finger in Frank's moan was even louder, before he said,

"I'm good, c'mon, hurry up." To which Bob buried himself deep inside Frank in a swift motion and replied.

"Shut the fuck up." Frank wrapped his legs around Bob's waist, trying in vain to make him go deeper. Bob just shifted, and then began to slide out, and slam in again, earning a long, low moan to erupt from the man below him. After a few more thrusts, they both started to move faster, Bob slamming in and out of Frank, a sustained, throaty moan spilling from his lips and Frank trying to weave his hand down to fist his leaking cock, his hand being batted out of the way my Bob.

"Fuck, no. Stop, stop." Bob slowed down and gave Frank a confused and mildly pissed off face.


"Not here, over there, fuck me up the wall. I want it." Bob smirked down at Frank, threading his arms around his middle and telling him to hold on tight. He walked quickly over to the wall they were at before, kissing lustily before Bob pulled back and said,

"Keep your legs around me or I won't be able to hold you like this." And before Frank could ask, 'what do you mean by 'holding you like this''?' Bob pushed Frank into the wall and started fucking him again, faster this time. Frank's legs were tight around Bob's waist and one of his hands was gripping at Bob's shoulder, the other one had returned to jacking himself off. One of Bob's strong arms was holding Frank up, the other on the wall for his balance's sake. Thrusting faster and faster Frank warned he was going to come soon, annoying Bob slightly because he's wasn't nearly that close. He felt Frank clench tight around him,

"Oh, fuck." Frank said in a strangled voice, spilling his load all over his own and Bob's chest. Bob hadn't came yet, and that Frank had made him more annoyed, because now he couldn't listen to the little needy moans and whimpers that fell from Frank's lips while he fucked him. He started to wriggle though, not holding on to Bob's waist as tight as before and slowly wearing away at his patience.

"Will you keep the f-fuck still?" He said in a deeper voice than Frank remembers him talking in when they were at the bar, but hell, Frank couldn't even remember his name for a long while. A low groan rattled in Bob's chest as he started to thrust harder, but Frank, again, being the 'annoying little shit' he has been for the previous events in Bob's mind, started to let go of his grip completely around Bob's middle, making him fall out and Frank slide down the wall to the ground.

"What... What are you fu-" He was cut off by Frank's lips encasing his tip and a hand curling around his base. Instead he ended the sentance with a 'Oh, Jesu-us'. Frank let his erection slowly sink lower in his mouth, pulling back until he got to the head again and began to tease the slit. He knew the time for teasing was over and began to bob his head, deep throating him occasionally until Bob started to stutter out the words,

"C-close. Gonna... S-soon." To which Frank promptly pulled back, using his hand to swiftly jack Bob off, tilting his head next to Bob's tip. "W-why? Oh, God. Move ou-"

"No, on my face. I want you to come all over my fucking face." Said Frank in a breathy voice, Bob had no time to object, only replying with a loud moan before spilling hot, sticky come all over Frank's lips, his cheeks, the curve of his neck. He licked off what he could reach with his tongue, but decided that being in a bathroom would be the perfect place to get something like that off. He got up and left a panting, weak Bob to stride, completely naked, over to one of the stalls to grab some tissue paper. After wetting it and wiping the mess off of his face, he picked up his clothes and started to pull his underpants on. He quickly got dressed, walking over to the bathroom door and Bob who had only just re-gained his breath. He looked him up and down, then said,

"Eight out of ten." Winked, unlocked the door, and re-joined the pulsing mass of people, becoming just another face in the crowd.


Thanks for reading, comments are awesome.

Date: 2009-03-23 05:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Loved it!!! I love that evil Frank ^^

Date: 2009-03-23 05:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey, I love evil asshole-ish Frank too and very happy you liked this.


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