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Deep in the mid-west, further than a sensible tourist would be willing to go, lay a small town. With a population of near three hundred and a strong Christian faith thread through all of the town's people, Carmarthen was also the only form of establishment in fifteen miles, but nobody celebrate it as an achivement, as there wasn't anything other than a stray chicken or cow for ten miles, and nothing but a place to rest your weary bones for the full fifteen.

It didn't please the occupants of Carmarthen that they were stranded in the middle of nowhere, but they put up with it after hearing about a terrible fight between two rival towns from a cowboy that moved there a little while back, and decided they'd rather be lonely than hated. Not to say that the cowboy who took a shine to the lonely village settled in well with the people there, in fact, most of them would rather have thier peace and quiet back. But the well travelled foreign man was there to stay, so they decided to leave the dust to settle and try to advise their daughters to keep their distance, not saying that the mothers themselves wouldn't smile back at the man when he tipped his hat at them and have quiet conversations about him with their friends, after all, it was hard to say that the boy wasn't handsome or charming, but only in private with their closest pals would the well respected women of Carmarthen talk about a town outcast, otherwise they'd be looked down upon just like the man in question.

The newest edition to the small town goes by the name of Gerard Way, he was of an average build, on the skinny side with surprisingly pale skin for a place where the sun beats down for long hours in the day. His ebony hair was medium length, his eyes seemed a pale hazel but nobody had ever gotten close enough to the lonely stranger to tell. Well presented and very polite to almost all of the people he talked to, it was hard to find a flaw in poor Gerard Way, he only had one attribute that set him apart from the other young men there, his terrible feud with Frank Iero.

Frank seemed like a reasonable, polite boy until his father decided to up and leave the marital home. Ever since then the boy has seemed to close up, loose himself in his head and hang out with the worng crowd. The 'wrong crowd' in question was Jimmy Chivell and his friends, Johnny Milbrooke, Nathan Newbold and Robin Parmall. The boys grew up fine, normal childhoods as far as a neighbor could see, but went off the rails as soon as they turned into teens. It started off small, petty theft, swearing at their mothers, staying out past curfew, but when they started vandalising and scamming, the town Sherrif got involved, seizing all of the profits for the scams he could find and sending them off to a real charity. The boys got a slap on the wrist and let off, being told that if they did it again they'd face some more serious consequences.

Once Frank got involved with the boys he began regularly seeing the inside of Sherrif Shelham's office, once or twice seeing the bars of a prison cell for a night. At only seventeen, he couldn't be held for more than a night, but it was August and in October when he turned eighteen he'd have to serve full sentances. He kept going to school, despite the fact that the other boys had dropped out at the tender age of fifteen, he did want an education, even though he wasn't doing much to say such a thing at the time.

This is how things went in Carmarthen, people kept thier stories to themselves most of the time but if something big happened you could guarentee that the housewives would all be gossiping about it at eachother's houses. It carried on that way until a certain Way came and changed it all, a Gerard Way along with a certain Frank Iero, and here is how they became the talk of the town, looked down upon by some and up by others, how they broke the rules and questioned their faith, here is how they did it.


To be continued... ? Also, feel free to point out any mistakes, I'll probably go over this again tomorrow and correct it but it's late now and I'm going out tomorrow.

And! I forgot to add, that this is ded'd to [ profile] panictowel  if it carries on and s/he likes it. If not, I have another thing-y for her to like or not like instead, :D.
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